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Customer Testimonials for The Ride Buyers

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The Ride Buyers - c/o DriveCo Motors Since July 2020 Five Star Service!

“I saw how our family and friends were having difficulty selling their cars privately. Hearing stories

about people being lied to when they purchased a vehicle privately, no shows, tire kickers, etc. It
just didn’t sit well with me or my wife Brandi. Most people think that selling a vehicle to a
dealership means they have to buy from them. This is not true with me. Being in a management
role (General Manager) in the automotive industry for over 35 years, partnered with my wife
Brandi, we work hard to help private sellers get fair price for their vehicle. When you are selling
your vehicle privately it can be a very tiring process. First you have to figure out how much your
vehicle is actually worth. There are many available online tools to help guide you with this task.
But no matter how low your kilometers are or how clean the vehicle is inside, outside and on title,
you simply can’t price your private sale to match retail prices. More and more people are hearing
about us and we get a lot of referrals and repeat customers here at DriveCo Motors. We really
are as nice as people say.’ – Jay Purdy

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